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Durandal - system.js

The Durandal core is made up of 8 modules. The system.js module provides core functionality to Durandal and it is also useful for any custom modules we write in our own apps.


  • Logging
  • Debug mode
  • Object Type Testing
  • noop function
  • console.log polyfill
  • Object.keys polyfill
  • gets and sets the __moduleId__ of an object
  • Creates seam to use your preferred promise implementation



  • requireJs
  • jQuery
  • No other durandal dependencies
  • Every module in durandal depends on system

Debug mode

  • turns debug mode on
  • logs to the console and throw errors

Debug is off by default

  • turns debug mode off
  • no logging and no error throwing
  • uses the noop function until turned on

Interesting uses of JavaScript



Returns an array of strings representing all the enumerable property names of the object

Make shortcuts to native JavaScript functions

 var nativeKeys = Object.keys,
     hasOwnProperty = Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty,
     toString = Object.prototype.toString,
     nativeIsArray = Array.isArray,
     slice = Array.prototype.slice;

The noop function (No Operation)

 var noop = function() { };

 Define a function that does nothing and set it as a default 
 to be replaced later during configuration if desired.

Arguments and parameters

You can refer to a functions parameters by name or by using the arguments array

Test the number of arguments and take different actions.

if (arguments.length == 1) {};

Refer to arguments by index

var first = arguments[0];       

Accept n number of arguments in a function.

function(obj) {         

    //do something with obj

    var rest =, 1);    
    for (var i = 0; i < rest.length; i++) {
        var source = rest[i];

        if (source) {
            //do something with the rest of the arguments

Public Api

Official system.js documentation is here >>

My summary of the api

version - durandal version
noop - no operation function
getModuleId - gets \_\_moduleId\_\_
setModuleId - sets \_\_moduleId\_\_
resolveObject - returns either the object or news it up from a function
debug - turns debug mode on and off
log - logs to console. noop by default
error - noop by default
assert - throws and error only in debug mode
defer - wraps the jquery defer.  Lets you replace it with a different implementation
guid - simple guid
acquire - returns modules from requireJs
extend - copies properties from n number of functions onto an object and returns the extended object
wait - waits specified number of seconds and returns a promise
keys- polyfills the getKeys behavior

is Functions to test object types