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Registering ASP.NET in IIS

Every time I have set up a new development environment in the last three years I have forgotten to register with IIS. When I was first learning it would derail me for a quite a while. I have done it so many times now that I recognize what is going on when I see the errors, but it is still irritating. What was that command again? I am putting it here so I never have to Google it again!


“Not a recognized command!” you say? Yes, you have to change directories into the .net version that you are using.

cd C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319

Now run the command.

What? That didn’t do it either? Don’t forget to add the install flag.

aspnet_regiis -i

Still not working? Don’t forget to start your command prompt as admin, and yes now you have to cd directories all over again into your .net version.