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About Michael Dudley

I am a Christian, husband, father, programmer, musician, carpenter, and Improver!

Its funny how life turns out sometimes. We make our plans but God directs our steps. In high school I was torn between studying Engineering at Texas A&M or Music at the University of North Texas. Ironically, after graduating from The University of North Texas with my degree in music, I went to work for Peterbilt Motor Company building Class 8 trucks and working for almost 10 years immersed in engineering.

I still remember the day when my boss asked me to take over running our departments weekly reports. “If you can figure out how to automate them that would be great!” she said. That led me to Visual Basic, then to Java, and finally to C#.

When I discovered programming it was like discovering what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was obsessed. I read books, went to conferences, read blogs, watched screen casts, attended user groups, and stayed up way too late writing code. I desperately wanted to be with other programmers that were passionate about software development. I began searching for the best software company in Dallas. In my mind I was not the one being interviewed but I was interviewing the company.

I did find the best company to work for in Dallas. I joined Improving Enterprises in January of 2012. Improving has the most amazing pople. They are passionate about software development. They are excellent at what they do. They are speaking at conferences and user groups, writing book, contributing to open source projects and host many of the areas user groups in their offices in Addison. I am privileged to work side by side with these amazing people.